The night.

Where do I begin, story tellers must think the same thing silently as they choose their words carefully as to truly reflex their thoughts. As do I tonight 11p pst. I’ve a feeling my sleep patterns are shifting again, regardless tonight let’s look at the thing that’s been evolving today whilst the world spun.

first a little music for the soul and for those on their was to work, a little bus stop entertainment. This time let’s start with the close up and finish big, shall we?





Then possibly some written words pulled from a much larger piece I wrote a while ago.

Tread lightly on this summers breeze
In the dark of your heart
For it will consume all that you are
Leaving you but like a shell
Cast away by the sea
Eaten and plucked whole

Then we come to a pausing point, so let’s take a look at the full piece. Please keep in mind this work is unfinished.

Mixed media
**Work in progress.

That brings us to the end o this quick hello. Thanks for stopping by it’s always a pleasure.

“A life in progress”

13 thoughts on “The night.

  1. Fascinating progression on this piece, Ben πŸ™‚
    And don’t worry about the sleep patterns, mine go all over the shop but as long as you do sleep at some point it’s fine.


    • Thank you and yes it’s funny I used to have horrid sleep I think I was spoiled in Ottawa bc I slept “normal” ish now I’m probably just falling back into my sleep for 3 hrs then up for 18 etc pattern.


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