Painty paint paint paint…….Monday 7/14

Greetings humans 😉 just a quick touch base on one of the pieces I showed this morning and last night.

Not the best photo I’ve ever posted but at this point the piece was dripping wet and I was standing on top of a stool trying to get something to share. And kids no it’s not okay to stand on tall stools and take pictures without permission.
Here are some closer photos to give you a better idea of what’s happening with this piece so far.





I’m getting a bit of “ribbons” feeling from this piece so I think after a few dozen more washes and deep color applications I’ll go in with some shading brushes and start giving this piece some serious depth. Well I hope the day has found you well and life is being kind to you. Sadly I must put the paint down for a tad and get ready to head to the doctors 😦 I really don’t wanna go. Without a car I’m finding this whole getting around thing a real huge pain in the ass. But I’d rather eat and play than drive so there ya go.
And so it can be said on a regular basis. Thank you for your support and kind words. I really couldn’t continue in this life without it.

Much love and light
“A life in progress”

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