Morning ramble~13/7/14

There is a gentle calm that coats the mornings dawn today. The clean smell of rain drifts across the heated breeze giving promise to the day.
As this new dawn begins to unfold I find sanctuary in the thought that the world will breathe today. Breathe a slow steady sigh of relief for things have begun to shift.
A new dawn approaches this heart and mind for at this moment on this day at this second I’ve learned to accept the things I am, understand the things I’ve done and see the things to come more clearly than before.
Each day as the sun meets the sky I grow with the flowers and change with the wind. A little more wise a little more patient for the dreams and desires I have in my life. I will paint my heart and soul as I write my mind upon these pages in words of truth, hope and kindness.. In time my day will come.. In time my heart and soul will flourish as it has before.

“A life in progress”


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