First Paint~14/7/14

Well it’s about time I got off my ass and started painting right? 😉 sheesh and I can myself a painter. Well over the weekend I acquired some new items for the studio,
I’ve found that after some shifting of things that I’m really starting to like the look. Though I just realized that the studio is the one room in the house that the walls are not cover in art. Matter of fact the art that is behind the work table is all facing the wall. Sans one girl who watches me paint.Hmmmm.. Curious observation.


A better view of the work space.

Here we have a large figurative piece coming in at 4.5×3.5 feet before framing. Now keep in mind this isn’t even really first paint really It’s more like a giant blocking out and zero definition in the forms.

Then another view

This piece does have some color happening layers of yellow and layers of a redish/burgundy stuff but it is just the very very beginning and is guaranteed to change.

I am using 2 different texturing techniques in this piece intentionally. One being I felt like it 😉 and two being that I think we all will like the contrasting outcome once I complete this piece and we can check it out up close… Color and texture two of my favorite things. Really something that one could say is shared by everything. Color and texture. Anyhow I did also work on a smaller pure today but honestly as I write this post from the comfort of my bed I really don’t want to get up and photographer this piece.
Tomorrow I promise we’ll take a second look at all three. That being said I would ask one thing, for all to Be brave, Be bold and Thrive in the life you have. One never knows when
things will change.

Over and out.
“A life in progress”

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