litreacha chuig an buachaill

The sun shines so brightly on this day of days
Fifteen years ago as I stare into your
Eyes and promised to never leave your side. Oh how life has challenged that promise over the years.
I severed your connection to the flow
Of life that fed you and was the first to greet you into this world.
My life has never been the same.
Charged with honor and pride I stepped forward a new man with a new name as you called me Dad.
You are the gift of all gifts the light of all light, you are my son and I love you more than the air I breathe.
Happy Birthday Boy ‘O


14 thoughts on “litreacha chuig an buachaill

  1. Happy birthday to him! The depth of the love for your son shows in your words, today and always when you mention him on here.

    Even with unintentional distance from each other due to the nature of life sometimes, the bond between you both will continue to be one of the strongest ever.

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  2. So sweet, and so heartfelt xx Happy Birthday to the wonder that calls you dad! He is so lucky to have your unconditional love, and you are so lucky to have a piece of you to continue!!!
    I wish I could help him blow out the candles and to raise a glass in celebration to you!
    You have my heart x

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    • you know my friend what you say is so true. Just this evening I was talking to a friend about how it’s changed my relationship with him for the better in some ways. The time we spend maybe brief but it’s important time just him and I time. We hug and talk a mile a minute about the things that are important to us and that quality time is invaluable.
      Big hugs.

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