Words for the walls….and Paint for the people.

To what end do we express the
Desires and madness of this human life.
Such feelings deep and dark or bright as sun does shine.
For what grows and beats only in the shade of the day and breeze that fills the mind?
Subtle longing sneak in behind words paint and prose as the day grows longer.
Busy hands find idle tasks to keep
The souls demons at bay.
Butterflies collected along way give
Fill to the heart, body mind and soul
Yet a wolf will always search for home just as a raven will spread it’s wings.

I sit and stare at these blank walls, canvases of my heart and mind.
My souls escape giving hope to the day, night and tomorrow’s dawn.
Purging little pieces along the path like bread crumbs to the trail of my minds eye.
Such solace gains ground as this body slowly fades for only in action can the peace I seek be found.
Hard is the part where the time moves so slow and worse is the day when the clock hands spin freely.
Drink, drink from heart and you’ll taste the want that feeds my soul. The courage that gives me strength and hope I hold for all mankind.


7 thoughts on “Words for the walls….and Paint for the people.

  1. Sorry I dropped out of sight for a while…. Let me know about the prints if you still have any left. I had a surprise trip out of town. Just email me… Your words are are always are touching and special as is your art Benjamin! ❤ it…. Hope you are okay… I worry… Sending positive energy and blessings your way!


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