Silence,beauty hopes and dreams.

There is a beauty in the silence of the day.
No birds or bees just clouds and trees
Me and my thoughts, hopes and dreams.
These are the things I cherish most.
The small moments in the tender hours of the night
Such silence as I’ve marked my way.
Gentle hope and big change as the world
Spins and takes us all on this adventure of life.
For there is beauty in the silence of the day.


Good morning, afternoon and evening. I hope the day has found you well.
Soon I’ll be painting back the studio preparing for my buildings grand opening. 23 art spaces created on the second floor which will truly transform the downtown salem art scene. I also will be applying for a permanent spot in one of our local co-op galleries. “Red Raven” which is rather fitting as one of my spirit animals is the raven. I’m very excited for all the possibilities that lay before me as this new life unfolds. Mind you it’s a bit scary at times feeling like I’m free falling through these past few months. A feeling I thought I’d left behind in my younger years but as life changes so do we, in body, mind and spirit. I will succeed and so will you. For now that’s all I have. So please always remember ” To be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have.”

Much love and light.
“A life in progress”

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