Today like so many others yet unique unto itself I find myself creating in places far from here my stuff lives. You’d think I’d say “home” and someday I may. But just like one of tattoos says “home is where my heart is and I carry my heart with me” it’s the preface to a 13th century Chinese poem. I believe it describes me rather aptly. My heart lay in just a few places on this planet. One being wherever my son is as he his my strength and my heart the vary reason I wake from my darkest hours and climb to the top of every hill and mountain. In the coming days I’ll be painting and finishing a number of pieces here in Ottawa. Some may stay some may come back with me, that has yet to be determined.

Here is a quick look at two of the pieces I’m waiting on the texting to dry.
One very similar to Start Here
The other,
A very traditional example of my texture work. Stay tuned as these are just beginning much much more to come. As always I hope you find the strength in your heart, mind, body and soul to, always Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in your life.
Be ready for change but do not fear it for it’s one of the very few things in life you can count upon. All things change in time.

Much love and light.
“Change in progress”

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