Just words~Just Dreams

Reaching…. For stars. Untamed!
And broken from realities grip
of trigger happy madness.
Sorrow on a weak heart makes
For tender lambs slaughter.
Quick with a dull knife
And razor tongue.
With wits whip cracking a tune
On this slaves back justice comes
At a great cost…. Tired….
So tired
From this monkey mind
These shakes of the cerebellum,
Fleeting fast footed archers
Shooting paint brushes into the clouds.
Only to find a headless man
Empty from years of being full
Empty from years of the sun
Tired…. So tired…..
Of this parlor game of pills
Maybe I should go ask Alice
Do you think she’ll know?
It’s over now…time to go home
The credits have rolled and rolled
With no special feature to be seen
Just darkness at the end of a well lit

**2014 revised

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