Popping in..

Greetings and salutations from Ottawa . It’s been a lovely visit so far the weather has been lovely and the clouds are splendid.

Yes it seems a bit of a weirdo, I go to England and take pictures of trees and hills and apparently in Canada it’s the clouds. Who knew.. O.o
So far I’ve managed to complete one piece and rework another completely… Well it’s more like I started over again completely.
First I give you
Woman in Blue
She’s petite only
Painted in a fiber panel
Using acrylics washes and varnish.

**signed and done**
I’ve also completely erased this piece

This was the piece that last time I was here in my haste I started on an untreated board. Since it didn’t have any primer the board was literally drinking the paint as fast as I could apply it…..so I brought out the magic eraser and solved that problem 😉
Now we have the first few layers of this new work,


And for the customary close up look.

Just one though as it’s not complete and will possibly change a ton. So far that’s what I’ve for for ya. Not exactly sure when I’ll be back so stay tuned for more wacky adventures from the great white north.


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