My Love ~ Completed

I’ve posted a number of photos of this piece over the past few day so I’ll not over do it today. Please let me introduce the next piece from the Downtown studio ;
My Love
22x30inch on canvas
Mixed media, ink, acrylic, plaster
and varnish.
300 usd unframed


In a few short hours I’ll be heading off to the airport, then this evening I’ll board a night flight to Ottawa. I’ve two pieces in the works and some unfinished business to attend to so I’m looking forward to sleeping on the plane and landing tomorrow refreshed and ready to enjoy the adventure.

Some words on love~
On what flaxen wings
Does my heart fly
To meet you in tomorrows
Ahead of the rest that court your
Soul, stealing glimps and glances
Of your glass heart
A cup turned asunder for all to see
Let me drink from that chalis
For that I may fill it with
The heart of my own
Give me your broken wings
That I may Steward their healing
And mend the years of broken tears
Let me paint the sky in reds,gold and green
So that your heart may
Once again sing it’s song of love
On what flaxen wings does my heart
Dance the tango alone with a reflection
Of a beautiful was, is and what can be..
When ever I travel I like to have one piece waiting for me when I come home. For me it’s kind of like having a friend waiting at home, happy to see me as I come walking in tired from a long day of airports and taxi. Here is the first layers of texture on a piece that I’ve just started.

This piece Is being done on canvas which is odd for me as I’ve been painting on birch panels for years now but just as of late I’ve found the softness that the canvas offers a welcome relief.

Well my friends and family I love and appreciate you all dearly. Over the next few days as I’m away I hope the world is kind to you….And you to it. Please remember to always. Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have for you never know when it’s going to change.

“A life in progress”

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