Random bits of life that make me smile

Good morning afternoon and evening.
I hope the day has found you well. Yesterday I spent some time walking around, doing random acts of conscious kindness. Nothing overtly expensive or extravagant, simply things I a have in my means to give. I opened doors, made sure I said please and thank you to everyone. Smiles at strangers and bought coffee for people I didn’t know. I’m sure have then people I ran into must have thought I was crazy lol. Funny thing is I wasn’t in a particularly good mood yesterday. Something is wrong with my right hip and my pain levels even on my pain meds are through the roof so even when I am in a good mood it’s often tainted with a bit of grumpy because it’s simply hard to be awake and in this much pain. But that’s not the point of this post. I just wanted to share some things that made me smile.

Plus it’s always a good thing right?

Words of love
Are never a bad thing 🙂


Healing Waters
With it’s new frame hanging up in my home.

Sunday visit with the light of my life. My son!!! Always makes me smile.

Be Well, again I’d rather be well than not be well right?

Well my bossy phone says it’s time to take my pills so I best do so and I’ve got to run off to the Dr of a prescription prior to leaving on this next journey. I’ll check in later with the next phase of My Love until then please remember to “Be brave, Be bold and Thrive in the life you have.”

Much love

21 thoughts on “Random bits of life that make me smile

  1. Healing Waters looks amazing, might be my favorite painting so far 🙂

    I am glad you are able to find ways to smile through your pain, thank you for sharing this.


  2. Inspiring post and a beautiful, beautiful painting plus loved seeing you and your son. Sorry about the pain. You are included in my Reiki distant healings Fri AM EST around 9ish unless you don’t want to be. Blessings, Ellen


  3. so happy to read that you reached out with kindness to others, even though you were in pain yourself. that’s powerful. also love all of the positive pics and the healing painting, and especially the picture with your son )


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