On this darkest day, oh hollow man shed this wanten skin….
Bleed no more for these these things
That cause pause to a soldiers heart.
Such fragile breath on angels wings
Bared ones heart to scissored strings.
Never more shall I go into the darkness alone.
Never more shall I throw stones
In glass houses
Never more shall I sing of things to the tune of a def ear and blinded eye.
Silent such voided love and fill this cup with pain and paint.
Fill this vessel oh world of wonder for this knight grows long in the hall of unrequited love..
Born of mystery and misery…. Of healing want in one hand and a lovers whip in another..
Fly…fly away with the birds and the bees.
Flowers and trees for these things have no place in this heart of darkness.
These halls are mine.. And mine alone…
Cursed to wander for a thousand , thousand years…
Alone…me and these words…. Me and this paint that grows…


** just going through some old words! the paints drying….waiting…..waiting šŸ˜‰

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