Healing Waters ~ Completed

First I would like to thank the many of you who stop to read and “like” The Process segment of my page, it’s always a joy for me to share my techniques from time to time. Today we shall take a final look at the latest piece from the down town studio. Please enjoy Healing Waters
24×36 inch
Mixed media
Acrylic, ink wash
On canvas
250 usd unframed

~ A few words~

On what flaxen wings
Does my heart fly
To meet you in tomorrows
Ahead of the rest that court your
Soul, stealing glimps and glances
Of your glass heart.
A cup turned asunder for all to see
Let me drink from that chalis
For that I may fill it with
The heart of my own.
Give me your broken wings
That I may Steward their healing
And mend the years of broken tears,
Let me paint the sky in reds,gold and green
So that your heart may
Once again sing it’s song of love.
On what flaxen wings does my heart
Dance the tango alone with a reflection
Of a beautiful was, is and what can still be..


In your lives may you, I and all of us find the peace and strength to forgive, forget and move forward on our journeys. May we garner the affections of those who cherish us most and fade quickly from the minds who don’t. Give not of yourself because you should, but because you posses the desire to do so freely. As always, “Be brave, Be bold and thrive in the life you have.”

Many thanks and much love.


12 thoughts on “Healing Waters ~ Completed

  1. I love all of your work, but I am especially partial to blue/green/cool colors. Beautiful work on this one, thank you for sharing the process with us.


  2. I love the completed look… it has a texture to it like feathers from one of an Angels wing!?!

    And wow Hun your beautiful words always touch me deep, exquisitely moving!

    Much love, light and hugs to you lovely xox


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