Next steps ~ The Process ~ Healing Waters

Hi there, thanks for stopping by. It’s always lovely to see you. Shall we step into the studio? If I remember correctly this is where we left off last time you stopped in.


Since your last visit a few things have changed on Healing Waters the process for these changes is not entirely complex but does require a fair amount of control and experience in the mediums one is using. The argument that Abstract and Expressionism painters have faced for years from many is the belief that anyone can create abstract art because it’s considered a “Happy Accident”. I’m here to counter that belief with a simple statement, can you do this intentionally? I can…


Today’s tools consist of water in a spray bottle, sculptress tool, palette knife and Catalyst spatula.

Here we take a look at the next few layers, some considerably more thick than others some not even consciously perceived by most human eyes, but felt in the heart and mind.
Since our last session I’ve added 3-5 micro layers of yellow and white highlights then sealed them loosely with a thinned down mixture of varnish (glossy) this being used to help preserve the “under glow” or light within the background.
After letting the micro layers completely dry w/fan *about 4 hrs, I started applying the the blue colors using the rubber spatula, keeping in mind that the undertones of the painting will change the color of the blue depending on the thickness it’s applied at. So by simply leaving it more thick or thin in certain places will allow the blue to be blue or it will change. During this process I often work “wet” which is term often used when an artist medium is in a fluid or more fluid state. On this piece I saturated areas of the canvas prior to the next layers of paint to allow a more watercolor like texture and consistency to show through where as other areas I blocked off and kept completely dry. This giving the paint the chance to adhere to the tooth of the canvas and thus creating a darker layer. We could get into the chemistry of the paint at this point but I think we’ll save that bit for another day. * Topic being Mediums, mixtures and magic. While your here let’s take a closer look at some the details of Healing Waters




One of the things that I almost forgot to mention and actually is one of the more important parts of this piece and type of painting style is it’s equally important to be aware of where the paint is not as to where it is. Thickness, consistency and translucency are a huge factor on how the human eye views depth, light and color. Thus, where the paint is not and how thick,thin the layers are… Important.
The next time you see this piece it will be completed, one of the advantages of knowing exactly what I want to see in the canvas and working with acrylic paint and alkaloid inks is they dry lightening fast. Matter of fact I spend an equal amount of time mastering the consistency of changing the paint to fit my needs as I do painting. Guess that’s why it’s called “The Process.”
Thanks again for coming by today, I hope wherever you are and whom ever you be, that the world has treated you with kindness and you to it. For if not us then whom.
Please remember to always:
“Be Brave, Be bold and Thrive in the life you have.” You never know when things will change.

Much love,
“A life in progress”


4 thoughts on “Next steps ~ The Process ~ Healing Waters

  1. Thanks for the detailed explanation.
    In my opinion abstract art is much more interesting than realistic art as it requires your imagination. There is not an image to copy and hang on to.
    You do beautiful , expressive and real art work.


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