Counting the days ~ Sharing is caring.

Well I said I wasn’t going to share my thoughts here for a while. Apparently old habits die hard. This last weekend was one of the hardest times I’ve had since my wife and I separated. I’m slowly learning that I don’t “need” people in my life but there are people in the “RL” that I want. I’m also learning that I’m a sharer. I’ve always been an extrovert socially, it’s easy for me to walk into a room and talk to anyone, coffee, dinner, drinks what ever I find that really no matter whom one comes into contact with in this life we all share some commonality that is conversation worthy, also one can learn a great deal from speaking and listening to a wider range of humans. Even if I disagree with everything they have to say it’s still a worthy educational experience in perception.
How we as people perceive the situations we are in is pivotal to our growth and success as artist, lovers, friends and family dynamics. But even more so how we react to them and handle the outcome of those perceptions equally as important.
So… I’m a sharer, I see, think and feel things all day and I like to share those experiences with the people in my life whether they’re next to me in the coffee house or 16 hrs away by plane.
I feel that just as I’ve said in my artist statement that this life is about shared experience, it’s what take the mundane and turns it special it’s what turns the heartache into healing and fills the void of loss.

Anyhow today I woke and thought I’ve a day off.. Then I realize I’ve a lunch date then a business meeting this evening and a painting to pick up from the framers.. So tomorrow I’ll take the day off. In the nature of sharing here one of my favorite views in my town, every morning I take the elevator down and stroll outside, sit and enjoy my first 1-50 cups of coffee 😉 (not really 50) at both ends of my new backyard **historic alley there are wisteria vines well over 100 years old.


Well thanks for letting me share some of the small things that make my days brighter. I hope that where ever you are and what ever your doing that your able to find some small moments that give you peace and joy.
As always Be Brave, Be bold and Thrive in the life you have, trust me you never know when it’s going to change.




9 thoughts on “Counting the days ~ Sharing is caring.

    • I’m not sure if I’ll stay, but there are things in my life and things in my heart that need to be shared regardless o my personal feelings. I created this place so I could share the story and my journey as an artist and person with Parkinson’s and I can’t let that go.
      Big hugs and thanks to you my friend.


  1. you will get through it and you will emerge once again. yes, you are a sharer, that is quite apparent, i think we all need the human connection. i love your view, what a lovely place to have morning coffee and to begin your day ) b


  2. Yes, we all do need people, and there’s no shame in that. That you can talk to anyone about anything is a wonderful gift of yours. *You* are wonderful. And how cool that my favorite alleyway in Salem is now your backyard. Much love to you, hang in there. xo xo xo


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