Because..I can’t do it alone

I need to take a day or lots off. Those who know me know how to contact me and those who really care can figure it out, but my life and heart have become so overwhelmed that I can no longer do this. I will post art and speak about what it’s like to be young with Parkinson’s but for the most part my broken heart has had enough. I love you all a great deal, but it seems that love wasn’t enough to save the day after all.
Please please be brave than I be bolder than I and thrive in your lives as I could not. I need to rest. I will continue to post the “process” an “first paint” I may even post a word or two from time and again but for now and the unseen future my real life has me by the plums and I can’t do it alone.
All my love.



27 thoughts on “Because..I can’t do it alone

  1. While I have no idea what life is like with Parkinson’s, I know several of us can relate to a lot of the other things you have shared. It’s tough, but you have to do what’s best for you now. Please be gentle with yourself. We will be here for you, whenever that may end up being.


  2. benjamin. you are an artist of the heart and soul as well as of the mind and hands. please protect them all and keep them safe, when any and all parts have been hurt or broken, it is hard to maintain balance. here’s to taking all the time you need to find your peace again. hugs ) beth


  3. Many thanks Benjamin for how you’ve shared, allowing us to understand to where your passion comes from, your stories of struggle both physical and personal, how your art grows, and how life meets the artist. I wish you well during your extended time, we understand and quietly offer you strength and support.


    • Thank you my friend, I will continue to post art here and enjoy the communication I do get from some cherished friends but I’ve found that over communicating is a problem with me. So giving myself time to heal from the lost of my marriage and all the fallout from that is key right now.
      Much thanks


  4. My dear, dear Ben. There are very, very few people in my life that have touched my heart and soul as you have. Even when I haven’t seen this blog or talked to you for a while you are always in my thoughts and I think it’s amazing how you’ve managed to make such a lasting impression on so many.
    No one deserves a broken heart less than you do my dear friend and I hope the pieces start to mend soon. For now, do whatever you need to do for your sake and soul.
    To see how hard things have been for you lately, I’m all the more amazed and touched by your kindness and concern for how I’ve been. Your truly a special and cherished friend.

    Much, much love, as always.


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