All in a days work..**warning I ramble a lot.

All in a days’s interesting to me this phrase “All in a days work” for me a day, is a fairly relative term. When I’m in Salem I don’t tend to sleep well. I used to sleep but these days the only time I sleep since my most recent path shift is when I’m traveling, slept like a baby in Ottawa and I sleep well in Saint Louis and the UK but when I’m here in town it tends to be in small fits, an hour here or there if I’m lucky like I was the other day I’ll get 3-5 in a row and that’s kind of an “event” usually it means I drank to much the night before and didn’t hear my pill alarm go off. Your probably wondering what the point is to this sleepless monologue….Well I’ve given myself a challenge. I have some friends here in town that are opening a restaurant. The owners of Crema are expanding and in doing so had some stuff to get rid of. Like 6 large framed canvas prints.. Usually I’d say something cheeky about art prints on canvas but since I just opened a shop on Crated that would be counter productive 😉
**ramble** what I saw in these past their prime prints was 6 blank canvases waiting to born, to start their next useful journey in the next stage of their lives as viable art. Something I guess I’m kind of doing a well. That being said in the next seven days I will create 6 pieces of gallery quality paintings for the grand opening of Crema and the new explanation.
A lunatic choice? A self fulfilling crash to the bottom of the mountain? Possibly.. But since I don’t sleep ( found my way back ) really that often compared to many people I figured why the hell not torture myself like mad. In all seriousness for myself it needs to be done. I feel like over the past 3.5 years so many challenging things have happened and I now find myself out here in the world without a family, living in a new apartment (which I’m told is pretty fabulous, but I’m yet to see it’s full potential). Trying to get my Parkinson’s under control and on top of it all figuring out how I’m supposed to live as an autonomous human again…

So the challenge, am I up for it? Hell yes.!!

It’s time to make some serious art happen. Speaking of art I have actually been painting, which I find comes in handy as I call myself a painter 😉
Please take a peak at some completed work and work in progress.
Here is the completed version of the latest My Girls series

Venetian Dreams~completed

A Dream (under the sea)

Blue Moon #3
**work in progress

Start Here
**sold last night
And lastly but certainly not least is the most recent in the Passions collections

Passions #4
Mixed media
Ink, acrylic
**pending offer
Now for the close ups ( my favorite part)




Lately let’s not forget Tears of a purple Moon

Or the recent pieces finished in Ottawa.


The point of this massive rambling post?
Live your life, appreciate the daily gifts you receive from it and always, always remember to
Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have.

Enough said. I’ve a lot of painting to do.
Much love and light.
“A life in progress”


6 thoughts on “All in a days work..**warning I ramble a lot.

  1. I love seeing the potential in the blank canvases and yourself the same way.

    All of these are beautiful, and I am now fascinated by A Dream.

    Keep creating fascinating beauty 🙂


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