Here we are…

First things first, good morning it’s nice to see you gain thanks for stopping in. It’s been a bit a whirl wind around here lately. Art shows going up and down. In my town last night we had our “First Wednesday” event where all the galleries and art spaces stay open later than normal serve wine and treats. In general it’s a giant block party as Salem down town isn’t very big. I’ve been painting a bit probably not as much as I should be but more than not at all. As a matter of fact while your here we should look at some if the new stuff coming from the studio. First two pieces that are nearly finished.

“Venetian Dreams”
Cradled birch panel

Then we have this piece I do have a name for it but I’m waiting till it’s full completion to announce it. This piece has been evolving slowly over the past year, I’ve picked it back up a dozen times trying to hear it’s voice and it’s been just out of my reach until the other night. Please enjoy this work in progress.
It’s 24x24in
Mixed media

I also started two other pieces in the wee hours of the night a few days ago. This pieces however are very early in their development and for those of you who watch my work evolve you know they could change completely and will before they are considered finished.

This piece is very large over a meter wide and over 1.5 meters tall. Very thick paint and what we see here is actually just going to be the under paint for the actual piece, kind of like the yummy filling to your favorite pie.
And then we have this piece which is tiny 11x16in little guy, but full of fire and passion.

The view from my studio windows which are east facing so for me lots for early morning light which is perfect because I like to paint early in the day.


Well my dear friends that’s it for this morning I’ve got to go find some far stronger coffee than I’ve here as I’m pretty sure this mornings hangover isn’t going to cure itself. Shall we say I partook in some liquid libation last evening. An please always remember to:
Be brave, Be bold and Thrive in the life you have, for you never know when things will change.

Much love and light.
“A life in progress”


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