Each day…….** poetish thoughts on the day


Each day the petals of this life drop one by one…
A glorious dance of life and death
Of beauty and the destruction that comes from
The birth of all things.
Each day I watch as the sun rises to meet your face
A gentle glow cast down from the heavens to warm the day
And each night I watch as the moon bathes you in it’s cool
My heart of hearts and inner child on this day grieves
For the life it’s had, the life it’s lost and for the life it wants.
All seemingly out of reach but so close one could taste
The sweet drink of life’s passion in one small motion.
Tethered to this life life by strings unseen yet held fast
For the fear of the darkness is far greater.
Each day such pondering thoughts, wants, dreams and desires
Etched in paint and prose spill from these lips to your heart
Each day I wonder do your ears truly hear there words.
For it is not weakness that brings be to my knees
But hearts desire. Passions fire and the want of wanting…

Each day…….

“A life in progress”


9 thoughts on “Each day…….** poetish thoughts on the day

  1. Glad you’re getting through, Ben. These terrible moments in time can be devastating but fortunately they do lessen as the weeks and months go on. We suffer far too much in this world sometimes, we lose all respect for ourselves. I was like that for over a year, it was wasted spiritually and then one day, the sun literally shone on my brain and I thought, if only I could love myself, inside where we really exist. After that desire from the heart which the Divine heard, my life started to get better. It was a real step in my life, as substantial as the long road from childhood to adulthood.


    • Thank you as always for your wisdom and insight. I do struggle with self love though I feel since my DX in 2011 I’ve made great strides in healing my inner child and learning to forgive myself and others.
      Be well my friend.


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