A day of remembering..

**true story**
There came a knock on the door, could have been anytime it was dark a little cold. The night before my 37 birthday and there before me stood a four foot nothing woman w/ hair wild from distraught and panic in her eye…… Many words were spoken all of which have faded away except 3 little words that would change my life forever.
“Your fathers dead”
At that very moment the world stood still…. The air became thick with confusion and dismay as I stepped out the door looking for my dad as if he’d hidden around the corner “a joke?” I thought “you can’t be dead.” ” We just spoke” not hours ago…… It was true, he was gone and I’ve never been the same.

In loving memory of my father John S Prewitt 1947-2007. I’ve always loved you dad and I always will. I wish you were here to guide me through these difficult time I find myself in. Oh how I could use your wisdom and casual way. Your reminders that something’s in life simply happen and we do our best with what we have and move on.
My father, my friend, my mentor. The first person to put a brush in my hand… Thank you daddy.
Your loving son.
Benjamin M Prewitt





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