Another day…5/29/14

After my freak out last night and this morning things have begun to stabilize. Besides painting the Tears of the Purple Moon I worked briefly on two of the any pieces I have in the works right now.

It’s coming along nicely thus far and I feel like the end result will be something I’m proud to put out. I also did a sketch in white chalk for the shadow and ribbon in the blue pole piece,

This piece will gain dimension slowly as the layers are added. I’m trying to stay within the blue palette only with this piece.
I’d like to thank everyone for your support. I really try to keep the things I post positive and upbeat. I also always try to offer a suggestion on how to overcome fears, depression, PTSD and a number of other things not to even mention the while Parkinson’s issues. But as many of you know this blog is not only about ART, this is my real life and shit happens 😉
So again all my love, appreciation and thanks to those of you who have recently joined me on this journey and to those of you who have been with me the whole time.

And as always, never stop trying for the day we stop trying is the day we start dying.
So….” Be brave…. Be bold…. And thrive in the life you have” you never know when things will change.

A life in progress.


13 thoughts on “Another day…5/29/14

  1. The moon painting becomes ever-more beautiful, Ben – and moving too. Sometimes, ironically, the creative process is enhanced after a day of the soul being sand-papered. Many hugs and lots of love, Ali xxx


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