New sales site for Prints!!!

Just a quick update, I’ve been looking for a place that globally could start to help bring my work to a larger audience at a cost that was reasonable. I will still do small batch hand signed prints in limited runs at a slightly higher cost but I believe I’ve found a source that I like for overall ease of checkout and professionalism.



If you get a chance please stop by. I'd love some feedback on how I can make this a great source for the sharing and selling of prints in a wide range of options.
Many thanks

15 thoughts on “New sales site for Prints!!!

    • It should be a great venue for people who would like to own some of my work for far far less than the originals are. I was looking at the pricing I set and it seemed really really reasonable. What do you think?

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      • I think it’s very reasonable and I hope that you are actually making a decent profit. You’re work is very good and valuable. If I could I would be buying more!


    • Thanks Ms.B I really just want to give people some options. Money shouldn’t keep art away from people and honestly I think it’s time to really start pushing my work more globally and I’m hoping this will help do just that. Exposure and some very reasonable prices.


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