2 days and counting…

They say time flys when your having fun and in this case I’d have to agree with “them” whom ever they are because my time in Ottawa has been fantastic. As a matter of fact, so much so do I feel the need to further develop the friendships and connections that I’ve made here that I can guarantee I’ll be coming back, between the summer art shows and galleries I still need to connect with, not to mention the folks in Toronto I need to meet. It seems as though Ottawa may quickly becoming my home away from home.

Sadly today I didn’t get to paint really at all. I had everything all set up to go and then needed to attend a meeting that ended up taking the rest of the afternoon. So the My Girl piece my just be coming back to Salem with me so I can finish her with the proper tools. That being said I realized just prior to starting this post that I hadn’t shared the other piece I started here on WP.
So without further adieu the first few layers of the third piece started here in Canada, it will be a multi layer piece using the techniques I’ve made intrinsically my own,

This piece reminds me already of “Love” which I guess isn’t surprising because I’m sitting just a few feet away from it as I paint…. It’s always a strange thing to see or be in the room with pieces I’ve sold..

Another piece I haven seen in years, a photo sent to my by one of my dearest friends on the planet. He’s a good enough friend that our children share our names, yes a tad corny but not really if you knew he and I. Well my dear friends the night has grown long and the Guinness o plenty so I must bid you farewell for the night.
As always please remember to be kind to one another…. And be brave…. Be bold……. And thrive in the life you have..

Much love.


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