Soul searching….

Given this heart of darkness so many things lay before me with infinite possibilities. They cast such a light of unknown even in the clearest pools of life. As these hands shake through the night tossing and turning till dawns break.

Does such a sanctuary exist in the heart of a wandering painter and poet? Or does it feed on the not knowing and heartache of the day.
This light that shines before me giving hope holds my heart with such tender hands yet fear ripples like a child in the dark of the things unknown…..

The mind….wanders and ponders these vistas of life.. Each valley the same, each door, window and path framed with the same questions a thousand hearts have ask before and a million more will ask in kind…. How and where does such bravery to wake another day in the face of this darkness come from and these reserves find only coal and embers left behind by others touch….

Such pondering thoughts are these in the face of such light…..
Perhaps more coffee will fill the void as the paint dries more quickly than these hands can apply.



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