At the end of the day..

At the end of the day.. Can you say you’ve tried? Can you say you’ve given it all you could…done your best?? Today I believe the answer is yes. I’ve reached out to my estranged family. I’ve reached out to my friends. I wrote honestly I my fears and dreams. I tried desperately to get this %#%£!?#% painting to cooperate with me 😉
Being the silly man I am some times I rush things…. You may find this shocking….(not really) most everyone knows I’m highly impulsive and a bit of a lunatic when it comes to many things. With the painting I’m about to show I must admit that I should have primed the panel prior to putting an image on it that a actually want to keep. The board is literally drinking the paint in as fast a I apply it. This causing it to dry damn near immediately making the blending process virtually impossible. Grrrrrrrr. So you may ask how does one correct or produce and image that may eventually appear correctly shaded without the use of a soft brush and smooth paint??
It’s called a pain in my ass 🙂 no….really it’s called stipple.
Stippling: Is the creation of a pattern simulating varying degrees of solidity or shading by using small dots. (Thanks wiki) the technique I’m using is done by using a very small yet coarse bristle brush and applying the paint using only the very tips of the brush thus applying minute amounts of paint in tiny dots. Hence pain in the ass.. But it’s the only way to make it so the ending image has the look I wish to achieve with this next My Girl piece. So please keep in mind this piece is very very young in this process.

In this piece I’ve added the head of the protector or guardian as well as the female figure. At this stage we are seeing some very very basic shading start to develop but mostly colour blocking and base tonal shading. Trust me there’s plenty more work to be done here. Anyhow after a full day of painting and running about I’m beat so I’ll leave you with this thought… Are you happy??

That being said please remember to Be brave Be bold and Thrive in the life you have… You never know when things will change.

Much love.


13 thoughts on “At the end of the day..

  1. Yes. Unequivocally, fully, absolutely, 100% yes. Happy can be as much a learned behaviour as it is an inherent component of the human condition. The beauty of happy? You recognize it even in the tiniest things after having survived a maelstrom of hopelessness and pain. Happy is always there, just waiting to be picked up and nurtured.


  2. I have found that ‘happy’ is perhaps an illusion much of the time, relying so often upon the causes/conditions created by others outside our own minds. However it is a choice to be at peace with what is…. As for peace, i am most often, to be honest, far from that state of mind however i am content i am on the path.

    i hope that made sense. 3 hours of sleep in 2 days isn’t enough sleeping…. good night, my dear.


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