These thing that grace our lives…..

These thing that grace our lives…..
Soft sounds sing in the distance giving a
brighter tomorrow
A chance to live today.
So far from home am I , And can a lovers touch reaches across the sea……?
Mountains of hopes and dreams brought
to their knees by
The relentless curse and fading of futures…
Colors blend as lines / roles fade and meld
into the symmetry of
Form, shaded by candle light
giving the knight hope.. Keeping
My minds and souls demons kept at bay by such heart, does this ink bleed for
the taste in the mornings rain on wet lips.
Lilies, soft and white give grace to day…
The scent lifts to a place where
only your name can be wrapped in words of trust…….


Hello, I hope the day has found you well. It’s Friday and another week of our lives has come and gone. I’m currently on a creative retreat and vacation to heal my heart and soul after a most shocking return from England last month. The new home and studio are set up and upon my return I will be locking myself in the studio and painting.
As always my friends…
Be brave….Be bold… And Thrive in the life you have…

Circles and the Sea.


10 thoughts on “These thing that grace our lives…..

  1. A vacation is exactly what you need…so glad you are taking some time to yourself during this awful time. See you soon my dear. Love and hugs. xo xo xo


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