Time: and things

It’s always such a strange sensation when time slows down and speeds up.
Waiting for the next day to come or reminiscing about how fast the time flew by.
As sit here and wait for my one day to pass I’m reminded of just how much has happened in the past month. Almost one month ago things shifted big time I’d finished Tempest, had just returned from England and wham!!! Change ran up along side me and side “tag, your it!” Since then I’ve hung an art show finished 2 pieces made some prints and been commissioned for 3 more pieces from the My Girl Collection. Later this summer I’ll open my doors for a local public tour of “working” studios.
Time jump: 5/14/14 here I sit at a local coffee shop not in my home town trying desperately to put this post together. My flight leaves in a few hours I find myself both nervous and oddly calm. I think one has to go past the point of “nervous” and into the place if excited as this journey upcoming was my choice, yet again I throw myself to the universe and hope for the best. I’m confident, packed and just crazy enough to make this an adventure of a lifetime. Certainly tattoo worthy 😉 well I’m off I’ll be sure to check in from airport to airport and as you know you can follow my adventures on twitter or Facebook. Please remember to Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have.

Much love and light.
“A life in progress”

Roughing in some color blocks for later definition.


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