Great things to come…and a bunch more stuff.

If you woke up one day and saw “The Clock” what would you do? And if that clock spoke and said “my friend, I’m sorry but this is what’s going to happen, your body and mind will being to fail you. Eventually you’ll be trapped in a rigid form of a human body and if your lucky the dementia like symptoms will make it so the sadness of what life has become won’t effect you, but it will burden and break the hearts of all those around you.” Yeah,….. What would you do?
Well I made dinner….Then I cried and threw up. I got pissed off, depressed over and over and over again. Then I started to live my life. Parkinson’s disease stripped my career and family from me. But I will not let it take my passion and will to be a great man in my lifetime. I am a Father, painter, poet and warrior. I will not go down without one hell of a fight and certainly not before I spread some love, light and art that our world so desperately needs. We’ve forgotten how live with passion and honoring the true nature of self. Most people don’t find those things until it’s very late in life and if their lucky enough to have the funds and health to enjoy their spiritual and emotion freedom then they do so in the “golden twilight” years of their life..
It’s beautiful and very magical to do so, but what about right now, today, tomorrow and the next while we’re all young enough to LIVE!!?

Here is a quick look at how the the space and studio is shaping up. Plus some of the things that are heading our way.

First I must be thankful for primed blank panels and the strength to create them.

Burden” “The weight of life and living it with passion”
This piece is an abstract of a cross and a shadow cast by my window. It depicts the weight and beauty of life.



Ink and acrylic
Cradled white birch panel

This next piece you’ve seen so I’ll only show a peak as it’s at the framers and I’ll pick it up tomorrow


There is a bit of glare from the shop lights but I think you get the idea. There will be a large beautiful silver frame around Blue Moon the moon in this piece is large for the size of the over all panel thus giving it a larger frame will help add scale to the entire piece, I’m personally looking forward to seeing it in it’s full glory tomorrow.
When I was flying back from England last month I did a couple of drawings one of which I thought might make a good Tempest style piece.

Tempest being the large piece on the iron easel in the corner. The drawing for the next piece:

The following image is a larger piece 36x48inch in it’s current state should be considered a very large doodle as it’s simply comprised of charcoal pencil and a “dirty” brush.

This piece will bend and break dimensional norms blending background and foreground imagery at unexpected and hopefully intriguing times. I will also be starting a triptych of the My Girls as a commissioned set so stay tuned. As always thank you for your love and support I truly couldn’t do this without you. And please remember to always.
Be brave, be bold and thrive in the life you have.
You never know when it will change.

Much love and light
“A life in progress”


14 thoughts on “Great things to come…and a bunch more stuff.

  1. and after you hear those words, you mourn, you deny them, you rail against them, and then – you embrace them. as a way to live life. now,and with as much passion and gusto as you can muster.


  2. This might all surprise you…

    You remain in my thoughts tho I be quiet just now. Know I’m not far away. Your art will be driven by your emotions thus very powerful and empowering to be privileged enough to see its evolution!

    Much love, dear knight xxx


  3. Hi Benjamin- Good to see your beautiful work again. I’ve been off wordpress for a while. Was in Portland to help my sister who’s just been diagnosed with Parkinsons. You have given me great insights into it all. Take care—Craig


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