Sometimes it just is….the way it is…..

Sorry for my lack of posts these past few weeks as most of you know I’m getting settled into a new life, exploring an old me and trying not to fear this new found freedom of choice. Though I find the demons of my past knock louder in these days than ever before. I’m torn between rebirth and self destruction. The light in my life has been taken from me doled out in hourly allotments and every other weekend.
Clearing my head long enough to paint as I stomp down these demons of grief and anger seems nearly impossible as my body screams in pain, it’s indescribable. Honestly it takes everything I am or was, possibly will be to not just be done with all of this madness.
Who wants to live a life in constant emotional and physical pain…? Yet here I am, each day waking to this nightmare clawing my way up from the depths of my own hell to find hope and good in the day.

Blue Moon
24×26.5in un framed
Mixed media
Acrylics and inks
**commissioned work.

She’ll go to the framers today if I decide to leave the studio. Today honestly I’m not sure if I want to talk out loud to anyone. Sometimes it just is……
I’ve also been working on the latest of the My Girls series she will be the tallest in the collection thus far. A series I started 20 some years ago. Yet have only made less than ten all of which have found new homes other than mine.


Lots of work still to be done on this piece, use a combination of stipple and blending soft strokes to create these pieces so literally every time the brush touches the board things change and must be both controlled and unleashed.

I’ve also been contemplating starting a new series of work. I think there’s one person who know what I mean by the “Shadow series” the light and shadows of this new studio are fantastic. Another opportunity for paint to meet nature in a modern way.


An opportunity to capture a moment that only comes once in a life time.
I hope the day has been kind to you wherever you may be and wherever life has taken you. I hope you always have the strength to fight your demons and find the light I see in you. Please always remember to
Be brave, be bold and thrive in the life you have.
I’ll try myself as well. Promise.

Benjamin M Prewitt
“A life in progress”


21 thoughts on “Sometimes it just is….the way it is…..

  1. i am so sorry for your suffering, and yet somehow, you keep creating beauty out of your pain. and i think we all have a ‘shadow’ side to our lives if we are honest.


  2. There is wonder and hope in this “Blue Moon” ~ infinite possibility ~ and that is what I see for your future Benjamin. It is a magnificent work of art.

    You continue to find strength and beauty, to give and to share…even in the midst of your deepest struggles and personal challenges. Thank You!

    I think a “Shadow Series” would be and extraordinarily meaningful addition to your artistic collections. There is so much healing that takes place when we embrace “the shadow” ~ & I wish this
    for you.

    Healing, Peace, and Love Always, RL


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