Each day~it’s time to paint..!

There are so many ways in life that we try to console ourselves, be it a hug or to surround ourselves with the people we love. Last night I didn’t do either. Last night I walked a path I haven’t been down in years. I let my demons get the best of me and drank my bitterness away. Funny thing about choices like that is they never work. Numb in my opinion is never a good way to be. Sure I could sit here on the third floor and watch the world go by festering in my anger and confusion but it would serve no true purpose other than the slow and methodical self destruction of my soul. So today I’ll nurse myself back to “normal” find things around the apartment to take care of and laugh at my silliness from the night before. With age comes wisdom but only if your paying attention. I’m thankful for all of you. Your support and friendship, your words of kindness as I stumble down a path I never truly had envisioned.

Each Day we have opportunity to decide how our life will unfold and whom we shall strive to be. Today I shall drive to be thankful, humble and worthy of the kindness and gifts I’ve received in my life.
Today I shall Be brave, Be bold and thrive in the life I have. I will not live in a mournful place but one of creativity, passion and peace. Once I get rid of this hangover 😉

Much love and light


18 thoughts on “Each day~it’s time to paint..!

  1. Sometimes, we just have to go into that vortex of external stimulants (been there MANY a time myself), even if it does end in tears; it can be an easing, albeit temporary, of the knot. Not a solution, but a brief pause, a comma in the long sentence of distress. Hugs to you, Ben: you have had a huge amount thrown at you in a very short space of time – the odd blip is, I suspect, inevitable! xxx

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    • Thanks Ali, yeah it was fun I ran into a very old friend had far to many drinks lol thankfully the pub is downstairs and one door over so no real trouble could be had 🙂


  2. Been there, done that, more times than I’m willing to admit. Sometimes numb is what you need to get you through! Don’t feel bad, just shake the dog from your head and get on with living! (((Hugs))) xx


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