Good morning…

Borrowed by time we find our hearts broken and tried finding solace in the nights loneliness.
Street lamps a flow as the lost souls and troubles minds of the times find shelter in the nooks of the city.
A warm breeze guides my hand as I pen words in electric light. Laugher echoes down alleys as the last ones out lose their keys to the drinks that came the night before.
There are no chickens here to raise the sun, just the bustling of buses and late night cab rides.
Slowly it all fades away and I’m left with my thoughts, some paint and you.
An ear to bend and heart to hear. A laugh to share somewhere down the road……Good morning.
I hope the day has found you well and the world has been kind and generous to you and you to it.
I think I’ve found my voice again in box 325 left silently wrapped next to things I’d long forgotten about.

Much love and light.
“A life in progress”
Ps. Soon my friends, Very soon the paint will begin to flow!!!


6 thoughts on “Good morning…

  1. Good Morning Dear Ben, smiles. Though you’re still sleeping, I’ll wish for you a hopeful dawn, and a productive day.
    These ears caught the first whisper of that voice and as yet that sound resonates, leaving me tuned to the timbre and smiling as I strive to catch the next note. K ~ xx


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