Quick hello

Yes I’m still alive and kicking. Mostly kicking but it’ll be fine once the dust settles and I get my new place sorted, a bed and some more of the comforts of live though my bed roll has been at least warm,

I just got my wifi hooked up last night and being the tech nerd I am it’s actually made me feel more at home lol. Today I’ll be focusing on getting all my stuff transferred from storage to the apartment, basically from one side of the floor to the other. One…box at a time takes for ever 🙂 soon hopefully by the end of the day I’ll have the studio all set up.

Currently just my old easel keeping things feeling good in that room

Well I wish I had fabulous things to share but honestly it’s been far more challenging than I imagined. It’s one thing to manage Parkinson’s from the comfort of nice established home, so in a way this is a very good experience for me and I love a good challenge. Life’s pushing hard which makes me push back even harder and I learn that at times I really need to just go with the flow.
5/4/14 continued
Hi, so I thought I’d finish this post before the day was through…I was wrong. The past 24 hrs have been a test more so than I ever could have imagined. I’ve lifted, pushed pulled and strained myself both physically and emotionally past limits but I can say now that I’ve crossed the bridge. I’m moved in, it’s not refined nor is it completed but it’s mine.


AndI have a bed!!! So for the first time in years I’ll sleep in my own,

I look forward to sharing the next step of this great adventure with you. As always. Be brave be bold and thrive in the life you have.
A life in progress.


19 thoughts on “Quick hello

  1. I’m so glad you’re pretty much through moving in. I detest moving… the actual lifting and stuff..LOL. I hurt my elbow joint in one of the moves I did recently, can’t remember if it was from mom’s house to storage or my daughter moving out of town (sob) or my mother then deciding to move into a larger apartment so here we go again… Just finished all that last week, and I’m trying to actually dig through all the boxes that somehow ended up at my house and actually find my own stuff. I can’t wait to get organized so I can paint etc. so I can MOVE out… LOL I want to go out to the country, but my hubby wants something on the river… ugh. I guess I’ll see who wins this one! 😀 Your place looks great and I’m glad you have such a nice bed! Sleeping is really a luxury to me these days 😀 stay way and be happy!


  2. So great to read that you’ve managed to get the place set up and that this phase is done – knowing not one aspect was easy, appreciate your tenacity and determination. One step at a time, looking forward to seeing fresh paintings as I know circumstances will yield creativity.


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