Mona Lisa smiles~ and some words

There is no comfort in the dark of the night
As the gentle summer breeze starts to find it’s home.
So far away are the things I thought I knew
and now know no more.
Strange how this lucid life weaves its flow
a sea of words and paint crashing


Smile Mona Lisa smile can put a mans heart to shame
But the look in her eyes says it all.
Now the dawn breaks as my tired
Eyes and shaky hand find their way
A new day a new chance for anything
And everything this life has to offer.

What light in yonder sky breathes a breath so deep it cuts the quick of the night
giving rise to this new day of hopeful word and humming birds
Such simple things make this mine.

If I was painted the you’d see the
Multi layers made of me.
A subtle twist and then you’d see
That up is down and down is up
Just another drawing to fill the cup
Gifts from a poetish painter.


I hope the day has treated you kindly
And you to it. Please remember my friend to be brave, to be bold and thrive in the life you have.

Mona Lisa smiles
A gift to my dear friend
Oils on oak 1/2in panel
Circa 1992-4??



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