A new day….

In life we never know when things will change, for better or worse we often has a sense of control but at best in reality it’s pretty fleeting. Our previous perceptions of what’s ours and how we function within it if not treated as liquid can be rocked to it’s very foundation with a few short words and a few unfortunate series of events. That’s what happened to me 2 weeks 2 days ago. The world as I knew it, perceived it and believed in was forever changed with a few small words. Since then I’ve spent countless hours going through the very painful process of rebirth, self examination and asking myself why. Why,how,who, where, what all valid thoughts but meaningless in the face I rapid change. So today I sit before you with a new calm.. A new understanding of almost nothing other than shit happens and you’d better step up and run or get left behind.

Though I have to believe that these things that happen to is in life happen for a reason. To build strength, push us to new horizons that we may not have reached otherwise. So far Parkinson’s disease, it’s symptoms and it’s medications have cost me my career, my old self and my family as I knew it. Yet I refuse to back down. In the face of these changes both physically and mentally I turn to the foundation that I new as a younger man. To paint, to write and to question the world as we know it. As my late father once said “Keep moving forward.” And that I shall.
Last night I shined the least on my new place. Not only did I get a space but it’s far better than the first option I had. Yes funds will be very tight but as always I trust in the universe to keep things level. Thanks to a dear friends motivation I have now less than a year to edit and format the writings contained in this blog into a book format and start that process. I’ll ready myself for the next phase of my UK adventure and the set up of that studio and I will. Be brave, Be bold and Thrive in the life I have. I hope that all of you may find the strength, courage and hope to do so in your life. Should you not have those things please know you may have all of mine.

Much love and light to all who read this.
“A life in progress”


13 thoughts on “A new day….

  1. “A life in progress” — I often forget that my life is, indeed, in progress. And only I can join the progress. 😉 Thoughts are always with you, B. Hugs and love. And thank you for the constant motivation and inspiration.

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  2. I’m learning as I make my own parallel journey that attitude has everything to do with moving forward. Our lives are always in progress. How we choose to deal with the roadblocks – be they people or circumstance – is the key. I’m grateful to count you among the wonderful souls who live such a positive example. K ~ xx


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