Day 1….

Well I managed to make it through the day yesterday. Granted not with much grace but I didn’t crash the car or get to grumpy…..I think..
After waking at 2a and loading the truck as much as I could before I needed help. Then driving to Portland to hang the show:









The show, I’m told it looks pretty good. It’s also such a strange experience to see my paintings out in the real world. As long as they make people happy then I guess it’s a good thing right?

The next few days are going to be far more complex than I’m looking forward to. The apartment sadly isn’t ready. So I’m going to have to go stay out of town with some friends. It’s also been asked that I create some distance from “home” so that others may heal in the way they need and as painful as that is to hear I must honor that wish. As a parent you never want to cause harm or uncomfortable things for you kids. Well my dear friends I really don’t have much to say as I’m trying very hard to live my words.

To be brave, to be bold and thrive in the life I have. I hope that you may do the same.


17 thoughts on “Day 1….

  1. The show looks beautiful, Ben; sorry to hear of the delay. I feel your pain as far as honouring the wishes of those at ‘home’ is concerned, and send you hugs. xxx

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  2. I’m stopping in at midnight just to see how you are. I too am sorry to read of the requested need for distance from your family. It seems the antithesis of family but you know what is needed and I’m sure there is much confusion for your children. please take care of your heart as well as your mind and body. We all worry about you yet most are so far in distance! A very helpless feeling…. My heart stays beside you. X


  3. Your paintings look great Benjamin, nice work on hanging these fine pieces – best wishes. Thinking of you and wishing you well during this difficult time.


    • Thank you very much. That day was one I hope doesn’t come again any time soon. Moving forward is such a huge shock to the system even if it’s the best thing for all. Have a wonderful day.


  4. hang in there, benjamin. you have the right attitude and trust that time will heal all wounds. thinking and sending positive thoughts to you. connie


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