Smile for me…..

As the pain of the day falls hard in my bones I’m taken to place deep in my soul as I search for relief., And I find you.
Gentle eyes, smile brighter than the sun, words sharper than knives guided by the gods them selves.
Always keeping me focused, silently by my side.
This gives me strength, this gives me power, this fills me with passion.
You give me love.



9 thoughts on “Smile for me…..

  1. A beautiful way to start my day. Though your heat-mind is weeping, they are joined in your suffering. You are focused upon your path without distraction – a paralyzed state may be replaced by desire, Desire can transmute all. A driving force! that is powerful! I am smiling as I weep for you. And you do the same. I hope this makes sense. My love to you on this day, thru each moment. Namaste dear Benjamin.

    I am not receiving your responses anymore. 😦 Apps! I’m not sure if it’s my app or yours. No matter, just wanted to let you know.


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