What dreams may come…


On my dark days I found you~

You are the light on my darkest day
The embers of hope that live deep in my soul as my body and mind slowly betray.
You give me strength when I have none and a smile when I chase the place that sleep lives. So elusive these days has it been, for my road has been long and late.
I search for that strength and peace on this day with tremors Gaya could not quell and a rigid form of stone no sculptor could tame.

Today brings new things once again. Soon I’ll be traveling to Portland Oregon again I have a meeting with the Cafe Viola owner and then later today a meeting with my advocate. Hopefully I’ll sign papers today on the apartment space. The painting above is just a doodle. Yesterday my PD was getting the best of me, coupled with the stress of my current life events I had to just stop packing and rest. So I painted and then slept.
I hope today where ever you are and what ever your doing that life treats you fair and kindly and you to it.

“A life in progress”



20 thoughts on “What dreams may come…

  1. Dearest Ben, it does my heart good to know that you are able to embrace the new opportunities. They will come. These and small joys to cherish even as you struggle to transition gracefully from your old life to the new. I join you in spirit on a similar journey. Know that your light shines as brightly as it always did for the many of us that find comfort and encouragement in your words.
    You are brave and bold though if you feel yourself falter, you can find me here to help in any way I can. Always, K ~ bisous


  2. I entirely agree with kei’s comment, Ben. Your spirit DOES shine through, even when things are really dark. I just hope that today treats you more kindly. Lots of love and hugs, Ali xxx


    • Thank you Ali, physically the hardest part is yet to come… The actual moving..emotionally the damage is done so now I strive each day to be a better man than I was the day before.


  3. Rest mister, rest and treat yourself kindly, I’d spout forth about ‘Spoon theory’ but I’m sure you’ve heard it before and I’m terrible at following its guidance 😉
    Love and peaceful energy passing its way to you xx


      • You just reminded me to chase up on some spinal x-rays I had done….time to play departmental pinball 😉 What’s wrong with your hip? has the physio ruled out muscular/tissue issues? hope it turns out to be nothing nasty, just over doing things as will always happen.
        What a pair of decrepit muppets we are lol


      • Ha~ so true I think it my just be the natural progression of the PD as it becomes more seated in it’s bilateral tendencies. PT loosens it but it re tightens very very quickly like within 1/2 of massive stretching 😦


      • Ohhh the increased tone is a biatch and no mistake! The Baclofen I take as a mucle relaxant does work to a certain extent but even so some days….well lets just say I won’t be doing the splits any time soon lol or twisting at my hips too quickly. Did your PT not have any ideas other than getting x-rays done?


      • Hmmm I can’t remember if you’ve managed to stay away from being a portable pill container, but definitely worth asking your GP if they can come up with any muscle relaxants that might work for you since the stretching obviously isn’t doing the trick any more xx


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