All I have to give…..I give…

To measure a day by the time it takes for the sun to set.
Or three hours at a time as I fight these shakes and quakes tis no life to lead.
For is a man not a collection of actions set forth by a reactive set circumstances.
As the papers pile high and the tears well I will not give way to these darkest of days.
For if I am truly to be judged by the things I leave behind.
I give you these small words…. Though my body fails me as my mind grows tired. I will not let fear live in this heart.
I will call from the highest peak and shout with passion for Art lives in this poetish painter. This old soul and knight long forgotten.
So I beg of you, live your life without fear for you are beautiful. Live your days with head held high for you have shown courage.
And in your success I will bask and gain strength in the knowing.
That a piece of your heart is mine.



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