Words and thoughts of the day.. 15/04/14

Words and thoughts of the day..

Such strange heartstring find these
Shaken hands…..
A need, want and desire to be close
To a gravity I’ve become familiar with
Yet drawn so far away to place my heart calls home…. A need of things that this body desires before the death lights come..
History or genetics it be never the less tis not easy to be a poetic painter torn asunder in these days of mine.
Kept sane by the busy work of the hands and mind,, finding little ease in the mundane day in and out of life.
This physical manifestation of the modern day, how man can be everywhere at once often make me are we ever truly anywhere……
At all…….I find myself adjusting slowly and most sadly as I watch one life fade and wonder in fear and tears of what will become..
As another door opens…. Choices….life is so full of them
Leaps…… Of faith…… As I too try to live by the heavy yet heart felt words

Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have…

A life in progress.

PS. I’d like to start making forward motion on a book of Art and Words. If anyone cares to lend a hand cataloging and or pairing words with paint, suggestions, ideas, you name it I need,want! The help.



10 thoughts on “Words and thoughts of the day.. 15/04/14

  1. More heartfelt words today… striking an empathetic chord in my own…
    I would love to help with words to images Ben. The informal piece that “Love” inspired, has had me longing for the opportunity to do more. Just let me know. K~xo


  2. Dearest B…. I wish it for you SO much Hun, you have SO much to give and the person lucky enough to share and experience your life with you will be truly rewarded richly! And YAY to the Book….will share and hope someone can help you!!!! xox


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