So many things to say…..So little time to say them..

I miss you like the leaves
Miss the springs sun
After the warms rains have
Washed the detritus
from the day
As the cool autumn night
Guides the inborn fire of life
Taking seed once again
So do the stars flirt high above
Giving winks to their lovers
From a lifetime away.

Such sorrow these sweet
Lips bare, for the yearning
Of a tender hearts calling.
Born not of bitter bread
And sleepless night.
But of childish passion
that craves the touch of
a tempted heart.
Do these words linger
on the tongue like the
Lost dreams of a forgotten

Come to me…see me for
The poetic fool and passionate
paint I bleed…… For they are real
not made of black and white.
See me this broken knight on
bended knee….
See me for who I am not whom you think I should be…..



13 thoughts on “So many things to say…..So little time to say them..

  1. I would know you anywhere, dear knight of wounded heart and soul, body/mind doth sometimes fail us, no? Everybody hurts and everybody cries but lest not forget, everybody also smiles softly if only inside the heart treasure. It is good to have you back on my side of the planet. 😉



  2. Willing heart to hold your flagging spirit, knowing soul that sees yours for you are of it. Open eyes that recognize the passion and the pain. A body that’s danced with yours in the rain.
    Wounded Knight you are lonely but not alone; for this time is still your journey, as you’ve yet to come home…


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