First paint x3

Often after I’ve been in hiatus from the paint I like to start slow and ease my was back into it. Below are three pieces I’ll be developing over the next couple if days just to get some paint moving in the studio. One of them is very very near completion already but I’m not going to say which one because I may completely change my mind.

First I’ll bring you the woman figure I started before I left. She’s in a very simple color block form at the moment.


Second I’d like you to meet
A man and his vices….might be a lot going on here for those with a curious eye…..

Hmmmm…. This piece I actually like rather a lot. But then I am that man and his vices of which I’ve had many in my life some good some not so good. But at least I can say it’s been a full life.
Lastly a piece that was planned for England but I simply couldn’t make it happen. Honestly I was far to overwhelmed emotionally on this last trip.

This last piece I like the form, motion and colors so I most likely will not scrap it. But as I often say if it isn’t signed it isn’t done πŸ˜‰
It’s nice to be in the studio again even though I feel a bit lost this days. Coming home is always hard and some choices are going to need to be made soon…… We shall see…
I hope the day/night has been kind to you and you to it.

Much love


11 thoughts on “First paint x3

  1. Pixies, Pictures, Purpose… What’s not to like? I’m looking forward to seeing more of A Man And His Vices, in particular. There’s already a unique draw in the cursive-like swirls. Hope your day goes well. K~xx


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