Leaving soon~the traveling painter

Well I cant say I was a very prolific painter this time. Lots of work to be done in Derbyshire this year and poor sleep habits in Shepton kept me from being as productive as I’d liked but I leave England with a head, heart and soul full of ideas for future works and I renewed clarified vision of what needs to be done. Last night at the pub I has a conversation with a nice man in is late 70’s talking art and life. Picasso and some of the other greats came up and he said do you think any one will ever come close again. So I slowed the conversation and looked him in the eye and said……well someone has to try. And sure as hell I’m going to try but I’m not one for doing anything half way. I firmly believe we make our own success and with patients and hard work I will leave my mark of hope, loving kindness and passion. With any luck a few stunning bits of paint for generations to come to ponder their meaning and technique.

With all my heart and with all that I am. I’m forever thankful for the kindness of strangers the love of good friends and the idea that hope will always remain. That being said I’ll leave you with the things I am.

20140414-080636.jpgv xf





I’ve given you my heart and soul now the rest is up to the universe , I’ll paint and write till I can’t and hopefully spread some joy and art around in the mean time.
It’s time to go……….
As always… Be brave, be bold and thrive in the life you have.
And may your light be forever in the heart of many.

A life in progress.


12 thoughts on “Leaving soon~the traveling painter

    • Thank you Beth. I hope you’ve been well. Has spring sprung in your garden yet, flowers and birds. I’ll be home 7:30 pst with the help of a little backwards time travel. Lol times zones still trip me out


      • yes, i have and spring has begun, kicking and screaming. just the very beginning with few warm days and a few flowers peeking out. snow is due wednesday, so winter is not going away without a fight. i agree about moving through time zones, it is a bit hard for me to wrap my head around and i feel as though i am truly time traveling. one of the most unusual experiences i’ve had with this was traveling on new years eve back home from australia. we celebrated mid air while flying back and then many hours later i sat on my couch in the states and it all happened again and i sat in awe and wonder.


  1. And our world as we know it with the personal struggles and international conflict always there among the beauty and life’s treasures is certainly a better place because of your loving and embracing philosophy in the words… “well someone has to try”.. Safe travels Benjamin…


  2. PREWITT: Don’t know if you’ll see this. ..Just got a news flash that researchers in Paris
    have come up with a treatment that helps dopamine production/ Parkinsons

    Sounds hopeful…they are on the right track! They inject 3 genes into disabled horse virus into
    the brain that somehow temporarily restores dopamine production. The
    downside is you can only count by pawing your left leg on the ground and you
    talk like Mr. Ed!! I don’t care – I’d try it. Pooh pooh to the
    neigh-sayers!! (this is true except for my poor attempt at humour!!)

    Cheers SUE (paintingblissfully) Wishing you the best forever! Smile ps you can expect to crave sugar cubes! Dr Stoessl did not confirm this!
    I’ll be 55 tomorrow. Life is for living. PAINT ON!

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