Derbyshire a pub and pauper a prince.

What gifts of life are these small moments amongst friends. A few like minded souls a drift in the sea coming together he, she, we and me.
Such a treasure these moments can be. Gifts of the earth, Air and Sea.
A place to recharge the heart, mind body and soul. Oh the places that we’ll go.
On this day when things come to and end I’m honored and humbled to call you friend.
My time at Derbyshire is coming to an end and again I’m left without proper words to say goodbye……So I won’t I’ll say until next time..

On a completely different note I’ve been offered a place to paint on a permanent basis here in England. That being said I believe I may bring the boy and I over for a bit towards the end of the summer.

Life is fully of challenges and choices. I reminded of these things on a daily basis living with Parkinson’s disease but even more importantly I’m reminded of the kindness and gift of true friendship and for that I’m forever thankful and humbled.
As always Be brave, Be bold and thrive in the life you have.

A life in progress

13 thoughts on “Derbyshire a pub and pauper a prince.

    • Yes it is lovely. I’ll be back hopefully in the end of summer early fall to get a new studio set up and stay with some friends. Giving some very very serious consideration to moving over. I hope you’ve been well. It seems I don’t see you around much. Are you well 😦 ? Do take care. Your kindness in my early days here gave me strength to stay, I’ll always be in debt for that.


  1. Oh would be so nice to see your work here and of course your dear self. Thank you for your kind words. I am having a bit of a health issue at the moment Benjamin, but am hoping with treatment It will be sorted soon. I am also trying to finish my degree and am hoping to qualify in the summer.

    I hope you are keeping as well as can be.

    Your friend,
    Gem X


    • I’m so sorry to hear if your health issues. I too hope with treatment things will be sorted. Your degree, how very exciting and well deserved. You’ll make a brilliant scholar. Please do take care my dear friend. Should you need anything please know I’m here as your friend.


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