A day in the life of the traveling painter.

As I sit here for the second day in a row unable to find sleep desperately searching the early pre dawn sky for answers to the question my life poses me, I find great comfort in writing to you. There is an act of normalcy that I attain in the transcription of my thoughts.the sharing of my heart and soul with others. Today being the 11th Friday so I’m told, in a few short hours the journey and next leg of this adventure shall begin.
A fairly long drive north to the very small village of Buxton Hollow in Derbyshire.its there that I will start the second leg of this soul searching, battery recharging adventure. Thus far I’ve created one piece.
“In the heart of a muse” and I’ve started the first paint on a second piece that has yet to truly take form.
I’ve seen some amazing old places.


The cathedral in Salisbury.

Even spent some time with an old friend, Saint Michael.
10/4/14 I had the pleasure of being witness to an amazing experience at a bell ringing. A very loved and well respected member of the community here passed and had his service on Thursday. I was invited up into the bell tower and was able to listen to the ringing first hand. Truly a moving experience.

Photo taken in the spiral staircase heading to the top of the tower.

So it’s easy to say this has been thus far another grand experience in England. One of my goals for the remainder of the year and for 2015 is to acquire a working studio here in the UK. Where about I’m not sure at this point but I think it’s time to start turning some of my other dreams into reality. One thing I can say it traveling is getting harder and harder to do so if I don’t get it done and have a place that I can call my own in both the states and England then it may never happen. As the progression of my Parkinson’s is far more noticeable physically to me on this journey than in the previous. I fear that I may not come back if I can’t stay for more than a week or two. Thoughts of the day….. Follow your heart it will take you on many adventures if you chose to let it. Don’t fear the things that haven’t happened in your life, take the time it takes to make your dreams come true. Everything IS attainable if your willing to solve it’s puzzle.
Have a lovely and safe Friday and Be brave, Be bold and thrive in the life you have.

“A life in progress”


22 thoughts on “A day in the life of the traveling painter.

  1. YOU WENT TO STONEHENGE. Wow! Thank you for sharing your amazing trip with us…what a gift to look at this from little old Portland. xo xo xo


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