Morning words…

There are times in life that are meant to be cherished.. Not frittered away by the lulls of the day. A coldest breeze enveloped in the crystal clear sky, stars shouting their story for all to see at 3am. The sound of songbird singing a tune thousands of years old.
Let no dead poet go untold.
There come a time in life when we look back at all we’ve done and smile for we know the best is yet to come. These small moments in life come quickly and go even faster. One much live them as they come. Thrive in their simplicity and relish in your journey. The first peak of sun gently warms my face as I write these words and I am thankful.

The small things etched in stone to give ones heart pause at the oneness all around us if your willing to see it

I hope the day treats you kind and if you would as a favor please take one small moment out of your day and think of you thing that makes you.


Have a lovely day.


15 thoughts on “Morning words…

  1. The rain is falling here but it’s become part of your lovely message Ben. Washing the earth clean, making her ready for full spring. Eyes opened, heart attuned to the vibration that won’t be ignored. Sleep can wait. Wishing you a wonderful day dear friend. ~K


  2. You have much courage, my friend. Your message today left me weeping. I don’t know why except I’m tired just waking up. I WILL thrive best I can. I always do but damn, I’m tired of the struggle. Take care of Ben, will you? Many blessings upon this journey you’ve already begun. xxx


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