Words and Paint 31/3/14

Such calm seas in the darkness glows
A light I seek as my heart doth grow.

Hollow halls and empty smiles grace
This place I dwell…my living hell….

A body that shakes a heart that breaks
Tis no place for a pallet to grow.
Today I set free a thing I wanted to be a part of me….
Such a deep sea these things and me. How only the heart strings plucked a thousand times could know.
Gone are the days of such childish love for the world is bitter of sour dark places.
That pilot light deep in my heart dims Yet flickers of light shall always be.
Such things am I
The Circles and the Sea.
Benjamin 2014


13 thoughts on “Words and Paint 31/3/14

  1. This is the picture I love so much. Water makes me feel peaceful, this picture makes me feel at peace. You’ve captured the depth and movement of water perfectly in this one.


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