Studio update 29/3/14

I’ve been playing with the back ground a great deal this morning. Some of it I like some of it I don’t. She’s at a funny stage right now, very much in limbo. But this is how these pieces work. I’ll spend a bunch of time blending and working the background then I’ll go back in and clean up the foreground images. Back and forth until a perfect balance is achieved. Currently we are not there in either back or foreground.



Well my dear friends that’s about what I have for you thus far today. It’s time to take a little break as my arms are getting a bit tired. These large surrealistic piece require a ton of attention and often non stop painting since I’m working with acrylics, yes acrylics not oils so things are literally drying as I’m painting which of course I use to my advantage in layering colors but it also means my darn arm gets sore. ๐Ÿ™‚
Next visit with this piece I’m going to do some soft brush blending on the figure, spheres and window so stay tuned out never know what’ll happen.
Remember, Be brave Be bold and Thrive in the life you have.
UK 6 days and counting.

Much love


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