Technology….the good, the bad, the ugly…

On a poets tongue do words dance to tune heard my many
But sung only for one.
On a painter pallet the colors mix with the stars in the night
Yet each stroke brings me closer to you.
So far from home is this soldiers heart
As my body lay waiting to die.
All things striped or take conversely jaded by
Introverted taint. Though my colors speak loud and clear
Of a passion born hundreds of years ago
bestowed upon a small child born of grapes and farmers
I am thankful for the darkness for it reminds me of the
Light, the light we, you, I need, seek, crave for a brighter day
This life born of the mundane and task driven society has lost
It’s heart between pages three and four of the next how to book.
We are so caught up in the trying that we have forgot how to
Simply be, simply do. The oneness waits crying alone wonder where
Have all these souls and poetic heart gone.
Just thoughts as the cars hum and chickens call for the dawn
Owls croon and blue bells ache for their chance to shine.
All the while I watch, write and paint my heart for the world to see.
Art is for the people, you, me , he, she and we…

Good morning, afternoon and evening. The above is a piece I posted to my tumblr that never made it to my WP. Sometimes with all this tech. KIk, tumblr,we chat,skype, FB, Twitter that I don’t have everything connected. And honestly for a good reason. For a good reason mind you. I remember the first time I thought I was so cool ( lol ) I linked all my stuff and then kind of forgot about it. Then one day I was feeling a little mischievous and wrote a very spicy bit on my A and D site, not thinking I hit post. Sure enough not two hours later I have two of my aunts blushing on face book commenting on how they never new I had such a vivid imagination. Keep in mind I wasn’t raised by my parents I spent most of my childhood with these aunts and uncles, grandparents and such. Not to mention I go to my linkedin account and there’s this saucy bit floating on my homepage…… Yeah well as you can imagine I un-linked all that pretty quick. Any how I hope your all well, I’ll be posting an update on the My Girl ~ Guardian Angel piece shortly.

Much love
2014. >


7 thoughts on “Technology….the good, the bad, the ugly…

  1. What a lovely piece and I get the linked stuff. I am boring. I was just WP but branched into tumblr. That’s it, no more.

    I love your drawing. So simple – speaks volumes.


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