Studio time~ My Girl Update

It’s about time I get back on track, lately life seems to be trying to derail me at every turn. Major issues with the remodel of my home. County assessors “popping in” adding new medications. Home life issues shesh the list goes on and on. I guess that’s what we call normal life right?? Well it’s kind if stupid why in the world do we surround ourselves with such worthless life wasters? I’ll never understand. Anyhow I have been able to get into the studio for some very long stretches of time. This first piece
My Girl~ Guardian Angel
Is all brush work and is very very hard on my hands for those of you who haven’t seen it this is a short video of my daily life.
So as you can imagine doing a huge multi layered piece can be a little tricky at times. So here’s a look at where we started with this piece and where it’s come









To some that last pic might seem like a reasonably complete painting I can assure you it’s 100’s of hours away from being completed. Not only does the technique used in the shading need to be perfected but there are many messages in this piece that I’m trying to convey and I won’t be happy until I feel the images do indeed say what I need them to say
As well as working on this large piece I’ve been staring at another that finally got it’s next layer of paint.

Started this morning with this piece and ended with this, still a work in progress

I love working with purple. Simply such a strong passionate color.

A smaller section of the piece.
Well I’d love to stay and chat all day but I’ve a ton o domestic duties to attend to not to mention getting ready to head to Shepton-Mallet and Derbyshire April 4-14th. For those of you in the UK some of you I’ve spoken to I really hope to see you there.

Right then I’m off. So much love and appreciation for each and everyone of you. Please Be brave….Be bold….and Thrive in the life you have…



15 thoughts on “Studio time~ My Girl Update

  1. Just when I think that piece couldn’t get more stunning than it was, you surprise me again wow!!!! You’re going to Derbyshire?? I’ve been there, I hung out with a friend from there for 4 years back in my 20’s


  2. Very surreal and very beautiful, love Your Girl, especially the curves. Different from most of your work I’ve seen yet equally as dynamic.

    I’ve not been keeping up but why Derbyshire? I could pop over and visit you! 🙂


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